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Our Staff

Senior Pastor

Dr. Frank Page

Interim Senior Pastoroffice: 678-753-3118

Leadership Team

Betty Sue Ash

Preschool Directoroffice: 678-753-3190

Carlos Baca

Pastor of Hispanic Missionoffice: 678-753-3100

Judy Carter

Women's Ministry Directoroffice: 678-753-3100

Bill Harvill

Comptrolleroffice: 678-753-3100

Doug Nix

Pastor Adult Ministriesoffice: 678-753-3114

Daniel Park

Pastor of Korean Missionoffice: 678-753-3100

Sky Pratt

Associate Pastor - College and Missionsoffice: 678-753-3162

Lee Robinson

Facility Directoroffice: 678-753-3100

David Joiner

Family Pastoroffice: 678-753-3116

Support Team

Henry Bridges

Facility Support

Vicki Colquitt

Preschool Ministry Assistant

Camille Doane

College Ministry Assistant

Terry England

Facility Support

Marsha Hall

Preschool Volunteer Coordinator

Donna Hutchens


Kayla Ketner

Student Ministry Assistant

Nicole Langston

Missions Assistant

Lauren Pratt

Children's Ministry Assistant

Karen Pratt

College Ministry Assistant

Janice Ray

Music Ministry Assistant

Beryl Richards

Administrative Assistant to the Pastor

Jana Richt


Margaret Shettel

Music Ministry Assistant

Blair Snyder

Children's Ministry Assistant

Patti Warren

Food Services

Rita Witcher

Facility Support

Debbie Criswell

Adult Ministry Assistant