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Hartley Class (Adults 60+)

Time | Wednesday, 9:15am - 10:15am

Location | 3691 Monroe Hwy Bogart GA 30622

Leader | Doug Nix,

Childcare | Yes

This group is led by Bill & Margaret Hartley and Carrol & Tommie Dukes. They meet on our church campus in rooms 1128 and 1130.

This is a large class of adults averaging 60 years and older. The expository study of God’s Word is the foundation of this active class. Social events such as lunches, dinners, and golfing help keep relationships strong. Class size averages 60 plus.


What do Sunday Life Groups offer?

Sunday Adult Life Groups offer a weekly opportunity to study the Bible and enjoy the fellowship of friends in a classroom setting.

What class would I attend?

We do not assign individuals to classes; however, a “target age” is listed for each class. Individuals may choose to attend any class of their choice; some are gender specific.