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Stan Satterfield's Group (Median Adults)

Time | Wednesday, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Location | 2000 Prince Avenue Athens GA 30606

Leader | Doug Nix,

This journey group is led by Stan Satterfield and meets at the location of Athens Oral and Maxilla-Facial Surgery. For more information, call 706-549-8008.

What are Journey Groups?
A small group of people that join together, usually in a home or office, for intentional, purposeful Bible study that focuses on life change and spiritual transformation. 

When do Journey Groups meet?
Journey Groups meet weekly, usually for about 1-1/2 hours. Each individual group chooses the location, day and time for their group meeting.

What happens in a Journey Group?
Each Journey Group is led by a facilitator who is trained by the PABC discipleship staff. Groups will study an approved Bible-based curriculum. The members of the group will be involved in interactive discussion, prayer, and focus on personal life application.
What are the benefits of a Journey Group?
   •  Cultivates Biblical community in a home environment
   •  Allows people to develop deep connected friendships
   •  Encourages accountability
   •  The home environment allows for greater openness and intimacy through sharing
   •  Journey Groups move beyond information transfer to life transformation

How can I join a Journey Group?
If you are interested in joining a Journey Group or would like more information, contact the Discipleship Office at 678.753.3114.  On the next page is a listing of current Journey Groups.