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Our Goal

1. To introduce and present the gospel to children
2. To teach children to trust the Word of God through memorization and application
3. To Partner with parents in laying the spiritual foundation for their children!

Matthew 28:19-20 says, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age

The Big Picture:

For Children ages K5-5th Grade

Wednesday Nights at Prince 6:15pm - 7:45pm

Early Arriver Activities begin at 6:00pm


4 Intentional Stations

Early Arriver Plan:

We will be instituting an early arriver plan to work with kids starting at 6pm each night. Kids will have two choices: 1) Express Lane to say their prepared verses so that they do not have to do it later in the evening. Kids will earn AWANA bucks for using the express lane. 2) Minute-to-Win It Games: Kids will have the opportunity to earn AWANA bucks each week by winning one of the on stage games led by one of our volunteers. AWANA bucks can be spent in the AWANA store each semester.

Game Time:

We are so excited for our AWANA Games this year. This time is purposeful in creating a challenging yet fun and energetic experience for kids of all skill levels. 

Large Group Time:

This is a time where we intentionally teach the Word of God to our kids in an environment where everyone is focused on the message. We will incorporate missions and the “Go” part of our new program into this segment on a monthly basis. The Go part of AWANA will intentionally instruct the kids to correlate what they are learning in AWANA into their everyday lives, which, will translate into sharing the Gospel around the world.

Handbook Time:

During Handbook Time, kids will review Scripture and application concepts while playing a fun, fast paced and interactive game with the Handbook Captain in the classroom. While the Handbook Captain is playing a fun and interactive review game with the group, Mentors will be calling kids into the hallway and spending approx. 3-4 minutes with each child encouraging and praying with the child each week. Every child will have a mentor meeting each week. As you can see, this is where we need volunteers.

2 Exciting Tracks for Families

We recognize that many families are struggling to make AWANA fit into their busy weekly schedule. Many of these families have a consistent family devotion each week that includes scripture memory while others are attending schools where scripture memory is already a part of their schedule. We believe that we should celebrate this, so we have created two tracks for kids to follow throughout the year. Each track will encourage Scripture memorization at the level in which each family can participate. Our goal is to create a Mid-Week Family Friendly exciting program that kids will love to come to while hearing the word of God each week and spending time with a personal mentor. So whether your child can memorize multiple verses per week or one or even none this week, they will find a home here at Prince on Wednesday nights! When registering, parents, you will want to choose which track fits your family the best and order the corresponding supplies. A description of each track is listed below. 


Track 1 (AWANA Plan) – This is for kids and families who find the normal AWANA book and memorization schedule doable in their family. Kids will use the AWANA books each week to learn and say their verses as prescribed in the AWANA book.

Track 2 (Go! Plan) – This plan is for families who have a preset scripture memorization plan either at school or at home already in place. Kids will come prepared to say their weekly memory verse each Wednesday night and will receive credit for that verse. Kids will earn an award for this track similar to the award for the AWANA Plan.

We celebrate and encourage the memorized Scripture while being intentional with the Teaching of the Word, Capturing the Fun, and Engaging every child through Mentoring each week.