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    Choir and Orchestra


    Do you like to sing or can you play an instrument? We would love to have you as a part of our choir, orchestra or band! We have a very active choir that leads worship every week with a full orchestra. We also have a praise band that plays as...

      Children's Ministry


      Working with kids K5 through 5th grade can be incredibly rewarding. They are impressionable and full of energy. We love meeting new potential volunteers who want to serve and help us make this ministry one that our children love to attend! There...

        Greeter team


        We are always looking for some greeters who can help welcome all the smiling faces that enter our doors on Sunday mornings and for other special events. If you think you may be interested in helping, contact us and let us know! {{tag="form"...

          College Ministry


          Our College Ministry is always looking for those who can disciple and help College students. It's such a privilege to serve in a great place like the Athens area where we are surrounded by so many college students. Our college leaders have a...

            High School Ministry


            Our High School Ministry is full of students who are in a special place in their spiritual walk. It's in this stage of life where students truly start to learn who they are and who they want to be. Our volunteers are fantastic at helping shape...

              Middle School Ministry


              Our Middle School Ministry is tons of fun! We always have a good time helping students in an impressionable age learn more about Jesus and understanding who they are in Christ. Whether it's playing a game, worship through music, or growing as we...

                Preschool Ministry


                We would love for you to join our Preschool Ministry Volunteers! We work with kids birth through K4. You can help us have a positive impact on families with young children as we keep their kids safe and help them have the best day of their week!...