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We look the most like Jesus when we serve others!

At Prince, we believe that it's important for every Prince Partner to serve— not only to make everything run smoothly at Prince on Sundays and Wednesdays but also to foster a life of service like Jesus!

God has uniquely gifted each of you, and we would love for you to use your gifts and talents to serve with us at Prince! 
Find the different areas to serve below and fill out the form!

Looking for ways to Serve in our Community?

We partner with many wonderful organizations in Clarke County and Oconee County that are always looking for people willing to volunteer.

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We are all one body made of up many different parts!

"Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it."
– 1 Corinthians 12:27

Do you want to serve, but you're not quite sure what you can do and where you are gifted?

God has given each of us special abilities and opportunities to serve Him and others, and we want to help you discover those giftings. After discovering your giftings, we'll assist you in finding an area of service at Prince! Whether you are gifted in teaching, hospitality, administration, or something else, there is a place for you here. 

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After completing the survey, please contact Eric Eggers, and he'll help you find a place to serve!

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Read and pray through the different opportunities below. Once you've decided on the ministry(ies) you would like to serve in, fill out the form.

Adult Community Groups
First Impressions

Golf Cart Team –Volunteers transport people from the far reaches of the parking lots for services in the main building and Tabernacle. Volunteers must be at least 25 years old to operate the golf carts. (Once a month rotation)

Parking Lot Team –Volunteers are the first encounter that people have as they enter our campus. This Team directs traffic and parking on our campus. (Once a month rotation)

First-time Guest Greeters –Volunteers welcome guests who park in designated area. Greet guest outside as they approach building and take them to a welcome desk. (Once a month rotation)

Welcome Team – Volunteers welcome and register guests at one of three welcome areas. They serve to assist guests and partners with information about our church and ministries, as well as escorting them to classrooms throughout our campus. (Once a month rotation)

Door Greeter Team – Volunteers welcome people as they enter the doors of our buildings. A warm, friendly welcome reflects the love of Christ and the heart of Prince. (Once a month rotation)

Guest Check-in Team – Volunteers assist new guests at the Check-in Desks on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings in the Preschool, Children, and Student areas.

Worship Service Usher Team – Volunteers greet people as they enter the doors of the Worship Center and Tabernacle, assisting them in finding a seat and handing out materials, as needed. (Once a month rotation)

Medical Team – Volunteers respond and assist in medical emergencies that take place on our campus. Scheduling is flexible and you must be either EMT certified or a nurse or physician to serve on this team.

Lanier Gardens Van Driver Team – Volunteers pick up and return residents of three retirement centers for Sunday services using the church’s mini-bus. A motor vehicle background check is required but a commercial license is not required. Volunteers must be at least 25 years old to operate the golf carts. (Once a month rotation)

Kiosk Check-in Team – Volunteers will assist families at Preschool and Kids desks as they need help checking their children in on Sundays and Wednesdays. (Once a month rotation).

Food Services

Coffee Team – Volunteers will be involved in brewing and serving coffee as well as restocking coffee supplies. You can meet new people or catch up with friends while sharing a hot cup of coffee with them.

Family Night Supper Server Team – Volunteers can help serve the Wednesday meal from 4:30-6pm. You can help families with small children at the bar or help restock desserts, salads, etc. A side benefit to serving on this team—you eat FREE.

Family Night Supper Kitchen Team – Volunteers can work with our food services team to prepare food in our commercial kitchen on Wednesdays beginning at 11am. Times are flexible, and assignments vary based on your skill level.

Family Night Cleanup Team – Volunteers can also come and eat during dinner, then help staff clean up from dinner after 6pm. Things needed at the end of night are helping in dish room, cleaning food bars, highchairs, and washing and sanitizing tables and carts

Special Events Team – Volunteer helps set up, prepare, and serve during special events for church-wide and ministry-specific events throughout the year. This includes events such as Women’s Gatherings, Marriage or Parenting conferences, Community events, and Kids camps scheduled in Spring and Summer.


Sunday Community Group Leader Team – Volunteers serve as leaders for grade-level specific groups of children in Kindergarten-Grade 5 during their assigned hour. Each leader will be trained on how to use the Gospel Project curriculum for each group.

Wednesday Small Group Leader Team – Volunteers will be responsible for leading the Wednesday night programming for gender and grade-specific K5-5th grade groups beginning in the fall. Leaders will be trained on how to use the curriculum for this event.

Kids Media Team – Volunteers will help create a fun and focused worship environment for kids. They will run sound, lights, ProPresenter, etc. No prior skills are necessary. We are happy to train anyone willing to serve. (Sunday or Wednesday)

Kids Music Leader – Volunteers create a fun and focused worship environment by leading kids in worship through music. This position is for someone willing to learn songs and motions to help kids engage in meaningful worship. (Sunday or Wednesday)

Pastoral Care

Sunday/Wednesday Volunteer Team – Volunteers will care for children (birth through Pre-K) to help lay the foundations in preschooler’s lives creating a loving and secure environment and helping them to learn biblical truths.

Sunday Music Leader – Volunteers create a fun and focused worship environment by leading kids in worship through music. This position is for someone willing to learn songs and motions to help kids engage in meaningful worship.

Special Needs

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