Our Goal

The Prince Apprenticeship is an intensive two-year program through the local church where apprentices receive hands-on ministry experience, seminary education, and mentorship from ministerial staff.

The Prince Apprenticeship exists to train, develop, and send out ministry leaders to lead people to trust and follow Jesus. This looks different for each apprentice, but our goal is that many will end up working in different roles at churches across the world!

What do you hope to accomplish with Prince Equip?

Prince is committed to training the next generation of church leaders. Through this program, we want to see hundreds of pastors, ministers, missionaries, and disciple-makers raised up and sent out to engage in God's mission all across the world.


How long is the Prince Apprenticeship?

The Apprenticeship is designed to be a two-year ministry development experience with a possible third-year “field assignment” with one of our ministry partners.

What is the application timeline?
  • Applications are open from October–January each year
  • Interviews will take place in February
  • Decisions will be made in early March
  • Fundraising training begins in March
  • Your Apprenticeship term will begin in August
When would I start?

The deadline for application is January 31 of each year. Final decisions will be made by the beginning of March. Support raising will begin in late March, and you will report to work at the beginning of August.

Who are our strategic partners?

The optional third-year field experience would be in conjunction with one of our trusted ministry partners (locally, regionally, nationally, or overseas).

We hope to provide opportunities in both urban and rural contexts as well as a variety of church structures (large churches, small church plants, etc.). We would also like to work with other para-church organizations including SEND (NAMB), Great Commission Collective, International Mission Board, etc.

How is the Apprenticeship funded?

The apprentices are fully-support raised. This means that each apprentice is responsible for raising their own salary for two years. However, we take the fear out of fund-raising by partnering with an organization that trains, coaches, and manages everything you need. With the best tools and resources at your disposal, support raising will be an excellent training ground for future opportunities like planting a church.

Will housing be provided?

You will be responsible for your own housing, but if you need help finding a place, we may be able to make some suggestions.

Will I have a job at Prince when the degree/program is over?

Apprentices are not guaranteed a job at Prince upon completing their residency. Our main goal is not to keep our residents but to send them out. Therefore, most of our apprentices will go on to make disciples and multiply churches elsewhere.

Five Areas of Emphasis

The Apprenticeship consists of five main areas of emphasis:
Spiritual Formation

You will deepen your relationship with God and learn to live out your faith in everyday life.

Broad Ministry Exposure

You will experience different aspects of ministry and discover your gifts and passions.

Theological Equipping

You will receive quality theological education through our partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Leadership Development Plan

You will develop your leadership skills and learn to guide others.

Ministry-specific Role

You will serve in a specific ministry area that matches your calling and interests.

Apprenticeship Ministry Areas

As we build out our Apprenticeship program, we have worked through several ministries including the following areas: Students, College, Discipleship, Missions, and Production.

If you are interested in serving in a different ministry area, let us know, and we’ll work with you!




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