We Care about Students!

At Prince, we want to see students trust and follow Jesus in their lives! To foster this, we want to create regular opportunities for students to know, experience, and serve Jesus in community throughout the week. We would love to see your student join us at Prince and connect with other students and adults who love Jesus and want to know Him more!

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Student Community Groups

Sundays at 9:15am in the Loft

We believe groups are key to a student's spiritual growth.
In community groups, students aren't just with their friends—they are connected to two committed adult leaders who love Jesus and want to lead your student to trust and follow Jesus.

Every Sunday, groups meet to catch up on the week, have gospel-centered conversations around scripture, pray together, and more.

Worship Service

Sundays at 10:45am in the Worship Center

Join us in the student section during the 10:45am service!
While we have two services at Prince, our Students go to Community Groups during the first hour and to the Worship Service at 10:45am.

If your student isn't sitting with you as a family, we'd love for them to join us in the student section. We believe this fosters a sense of belonging and excitement when attending the worship service.

Find out what to expect when attending our Worship Services.

Student Worship

Wednesdays at 6:15pm in the Loft

We plan Wednesday nights from top to bottom for students!
Middle and high school students meet in groups with friends and leaders to hang out, worship together, and talk about their faith. We take time every week to sing songs together and hear a message from the Bible, and the questions that students talk about in their groups always relate back to this.

We want students to love coming to church, so we make our time of worship fun and exciting but always centered on Jesus and the Gospel.


If you have any questions about Prince Students, don't hesitate to reach out!

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Axis: Parent Resources

Equipping you to navigate conversations with your kids around today’s issues.

We want to help the parents at Prince as they navigate difficult topics with their students. We've partnered with Axis Ministry which has more than one hundred parent guides on current hot button topics impacting your student's world, and the resources grow each month. These resources include conversation kits which are short video series that you can watch with your student and then follow up with a conversation.

Parenting Resources