Our Campus

Where do I go?

We know how overwhelming the first visit to any new place can be, so we want to help! Below are a few common questions we get that may help you out! Also, we've included maps of the campus and the Church Building to help you find where to go!

Where do I park?

Most of our events take place in either the Church Building (1 on the map below) or the Tabernacle (2 on the map below). We have plenty of parking around each building!

Are you a first-time guest?

We have designated parking spots for you on Sunday mornings! Enter the campus from Highway 78 and follow the Guest Parking signs. Guest parking is also labeled on the map below as P1.

What if I can't find close parking?

We understand how frustrating it can be to have to park far away from the building, but we have a few ways to help:

  • We have a golf cart team that drives around the parking lots looking for families who need a ride. Just wave one of them down on Sunday morning, and they'll be glad to give you a ride!
  • If you have to park by the School Building, you can enter through the school doors and walk through the building rather than around!
What Entrance Do I use?

Feel free to use any entrance to get into the building, but here are a few useful tips on which entrance may be quickest:

  • If you have kids with you that you'd like to check into Preschool Childcare or our Kids Ministry program, use Entrance C for the closest entrance.
  • If you'd like a cup of coffee, we have our self-serve FREE coffee station right inside of Entrance C.
  • If you're just visiting a service, Entrance A will be the quickest entrance to the Worship Center.

Campus Maps

Weapons Policy

Prince Avenue Baptist Church and Prince Avenue Christian School subscribe to Georgia Safe Carry Protection Act (OCGA § 16-11-127(b)(4) and OCGA § 16-11-127.1), which prohibits weapons of any kind in school zones, at school functions, or on school transportation. Our church campus is a school zone because the law states that school campuses do not cease to be a school campus even when school activities are not being held or the campus is being used for any other purpose, including church purposes. A license holder who violates this section and carries a weapon in a school safety zone, at school functions, or on school transportation is guilty of a misdemeanor. A non-license holder who violates this section is guilty of a felony.