Camp 78 2024 Important Information

May 21, 2024

Important Details and Updates

Our team is working so hard to put together another fantastic year of camp! We are so excited to experience what the Lord has for us that week and hope that you and your family are just as excited! 

We wanted to touch base with a few important details that you should be aware of right now. You will receive more emails over the next few weeks with more exciting and important details in each! 

Pre Check-In: 

We will have an opportunity for you to check in your camper(s) before camp begins! You will be able to pick up your camper’s gear, communicate any important medical needs, and ask any questions!
It is a helpful process and makes the Monday morning of camp much quicker!

The pre-check in dates and times are:

  • Sunday, June 9  |  12pm-2pm  |  In the Tabernacle
  • Wednesday, June 12  |  5pm-7pm  |  In the Tabernacle
  • Sunday, June 16  |  Between each service and until 1pm  |  In the Tabernacle


This year, we are NOT providing lunch for the campers.

Campers should come to camp each morning with a packed lunch. There is good news, though! This year, your camper will get a Camp 78 lunchbox to use! You will get this at pre-check in. 


This year, we have a tie-dye track and campers will get to tie-dye their t-shirt! This means that campers will NOT get their camp t-shirt until they visit the tie-dye track throughout the week. We are excited for this!
Throughout the week, we encourage your camper to wear his past camp t-shirts, or proudly rep their squad color during the week! 

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