Recommended Books:

Making Sense of Your World” – Dr. Bill Brown, John Stonestreet, Gary Phillips

Every Square Inch: An Introduction to Cultural Engagement” – Dr. Bruce Ashford

The Gospel Comes with a Housekey” – Rosaria Butterfield

A Practical Guide to Culture-Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World” – John Stonestreet & Brett Kunkle

Tactics-A Gameplan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions” – Gregory Koukl

Can Science Explain Everything?” – John Lennox

Loving my LGBT Neighbor” – Glenn Stanton

Confronting Injustice Without Comprising Truth” – Thaddeus Williams

Tools and Websites:

World Magazine” & “World and Everything in It Podcast” – Features daily news and content from a biblical worldview.

Colson Center for Christian Worldview” – Daily 5 Minute Podcast called “Breakpoint

"AXIS" - Christ-centered resources that say up-to-date with our culture.

"The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Genter" - The Center equips believers with theologically sound and accessible resources in the form of small-group learning experiences, conferences, and other avenues such as blogs, videos, podcasts, speaking, and webinars.

Video Resources:

What would you Say?” – Quick and understandable answers to hard questions.


Questions for reflection:

 1. What are the biggest areas of fear that keep me from pursuing my neighbor?

2. Who comes to mind and what can I do next to learn how to better interact with them?

3. Are there any conversations from the past that I need to repair or revisit with a different posture? 

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